But Sanko will never help in any domestic chores like washing,cooking,cleaning et al,but will always surfaced like a ghost when everything is all but done and set to eat and enjoy to the disdain of his room mates.

Even when we decided to prepare a rooster in our house,Sanko still kept skipping his turn with a lot of cock and bull stories excuse.
He will use your already laundry cloth and wear your shoes but will turn Usain Bolt when it is his turn to purchase for another person to wear.

Even when our caretaker called his attention to advice him to get rid of such attitude of his that it would in a good day prickled him but he turned a deaf ear to it.

On the day of our final examination,we scheduled a general sanitation in our yard but Sanko wasn't in attendance but he didn't know that a cash of #5000 fell off from his pocket when he exited through the back door.

The money was picked and given to landlord which he later used to buy drinks for the yard people to drink in the aftermath of the sanitation.
Sanko emerged from no where and shared in the drink and even threatened to fight for not been given an equal share of it.

After the drinking was over Sanko realised that his money for fare back home after school closure wasn't anymore and started running helterskelter ransacking everywhere in search of it.

He went to report the incidence to the landlord but he was seemingly indifferent of the matter as he has already known how about of the missing money.

He first asked him where he went during the sanitation,he started telling his usual lies but to his utter consternation,the landlord asked him if he have been hearing of a proverb"when a cunning man die?

He said yes and the landlord asked him what do precede the proverb,he said cunning man will bury him.

The landlord smiled,nodded his head in amusement and told him that cunning man has buried his money which some is inside his stomach as at the time of their discussion and he left weeping bitterly.

MORAL LESSON:You that always leave a load of works for your room mates to do thinking that you are playing smart better think twice because you could be one day Sankoed.


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