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In a country, if the proportion of people who are below 15 years is 45% and those above 60 years is 30%, this implies that the 
A. Dependency ratio is high B. Population is optimum C. Active population is large D. Population is growing according to Malthus theory
[A] Dependency ratio is high

One of the objectives of Nigeria's current population policy is to ________
A. Reduce the birth rate B. Reduce the emigration rate C. Increase the birth rate D. Enhance longevity
[A] Reduce the birth rate

WAEC/Christian religious studies/2004
The Israelites rejected the rule of samuel's son because they 
A. The took bribe and perversed justice B. Lay with the women at the altar C. Took the sacrifice of His with contempt D. Ran away from God.
[A] The took bribe and perversed justice

Which of the following organisms is an endoparasite?
A. Mice B. Mosquito C. Ascaris D. Dodder
[C] Ascaris

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NPA/English language/2002
May I send my child to _________ my suitcase?
A. Bring B. Bring down C. Fetch D. Carry
[C] Fetch

NPA/English language/2002
Who are those lacking tools or techniques and experienced to farm the lands?
A. The tribal people B. The pastoralists C. The Shamba farmers D. All of the above
[B] The pastoralists

The hormone that induces milk production from nipples at birth is:
A. Progesterone B. Prolatin C. Oxytocin D. Antidiuretic hormone
[B] Prolatin

The first military coup in Nigeria took place in what year?
A. 1963 B. 1965 C. 1966 D. 1970
[A] 1963