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When a country's population is experiencing increasing returns, that country is said to be __________
A. Overpopulated B. Economically poor C. Over producing goods and services D. Underpopulated
[A] Overpopulated

One of the objectives of Nigeria's current population policy is to ________
A. Reduce the birth rate B. Reduce the emigration rate C. Increase the birth rate D. Enhance longevity
[A] Reduce the birth rate

Which of the following features is not an adaptation of plants to aquatic habitat ?
A. Breathing roots for entry of air B. Flowers raised above water for the purpose of pollination C. Spongy tissues containing gases for buoyancy D. Hairy structures on the leaves to reduce water loss
[D] Hairy structures on the leaves to reduce water loss

Which of the following treatments would increase the rate of transpiration in a potted plant ?
A. Placing it in a cold room B. Placing it under a fan in a room C. Putting it in a cupboard D. Smearing grease on the lower surface of the leaves
[B] Placing it under a fan in a room

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NPA/English language/2002
There was abundance of rainfall last year.
A. Insufficient B. Death C. Shortfall D. Inappropriate
[A] Insufficient

NPA/English language/2002
He is often regarded as an eccentric man
A. Unconventional B. Conventional C. Insane D. Likeable
[A] Unconventional

The porcupine uses one of the following for offence and defence;
A. Shell B. Spine C. Skeleton D. Claus
[B] Spine

General sani Abacha is the...... military regime in Nigeria
A. Seventh B. Eighth C. Tenth D. Sixth
[D] Sixth