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Ike's scale of preference reveals that he prefers bananas to pawpaw, pawpaw to oranges and oranges to bananas. Ike's preferences are therefore___________
A. Inconsistent B. Consistent C. Transitive D. Rational
[A] Inconsistent

Labour productivity is the ratio of________
A. Labour to output B. Man-hours to output C. Output to man-hours D. Average product to man-hours
[C] Output to man-hours

WAEC/Christian religious studies/2005
"Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples born of you shall be divided". The two people are 
A. Moses and Jacob. B. Jacob and Benjamin. C. Esau and Ishmael. D. Esau and Jacob.
[D] Esau and Jacob.

The mesophyll layer of a leaf consists of 
A. Wax and cutin B. Cells with lignified walls C. Irregularly shaped collenchyma cells D. Photosynthetic parenchyma cells
[D] Photosynthetic parenchyma cells

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NPA/English language/2002
The measures that are being taken will alleviate the pressures on us as a Nation
A. Deflate B. Account for C. Aggravate D. Discount
[C] Aggravate

NPA/English language/2002
The preacher gave a purely self denouncing speech
A. Sanctimonious B. Selfish C. Selfless D. Righteous
[A] Sanctimonious

According to Nigeria's federal system, the federal government is the:
A. Third tier B. Second tier C. First tier D. Fourth tier
[C] First tier

Profit motive as a guilding principle is an important characteristics of
A. Feudalism B. Capitalism C. Fascism D. Commmunalism
[B] Capitalism