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Labour productivity is the ratio of________
A. Labour to output B. Man-hours to output C. Output to man-hours D. Average product to man-hours
[C] Output to man-hours

The type of cost which has to be covered for a firm to continue production in the short -run is the 
A. Overhead cost B. Fixed cost C. Marginal cost D. Average variable cost
[D] Average variable cost

WAEC/Christian religious studies/2004
"Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple." Jesus illustrated this with the parable of the
A. Seed growing secretly. B. Reckoning of the cost building a house. C. Hidden treasure. D. Pearl of great price.
[B] Reckoning of the cost building a house.

WAEC/Christian religious studies/2004
​​​​​​The love of God for humanity especially for sinners, is clearly manifested in the parable of the 
A. Sower. B. Mustard seed. C. Lost coin. D. Good Samaritan.
[C] Lost coin.

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NPA/English language/2002
There was abundance of rainfall last year.
A. Insufficient B. Death C. Shortfall D. Inappropriate
[A] Insufficient

NPA/English language/2002
My uncle is a man of maxims, who is witty in whatever he says.
A. Cunning B. Fearless C. Cautions D. Blatant
[A] Cunning

In Africa, the first country that witnessed military coup was
A. Nigeria B. Liberia C. Ghana D. Egypt
[B] Liberia

Ghana gained for independence in
A. 1957 B. 1967 C. 1960 D. 1959
[A] 1957