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Labour productivity is the ratio of________
A. Labour to output B. Man-hours to output C. Output to man-hours D. Average product to man-hours
[C] Output to man-hours

When a country's population is experiencing increasing returns, that country is said to be __________
A. Overpopulated B. Economically poor C. Over producing goods and services D. Underpopulated
[A] Overpopulated

WAEC/Christian religious studies/2004
The purpose of grace is to  
A. Justify the sinners. B. Cancel the law. C. Enforce the law. D. Encourage the sinner.
[D] Encourage the sinner.

Which of the following statements about ecosystem is false?
A. All the energy entering the ecosystem is passed on to decomposers B. The primary producers provide energy for herbivores and carnivores C. Ecosystem must start with the capture of energy by autotrophs D. Energy transfer from one trophic level to the other is not 100% efficient
[A] All the energy entering the ecosystem is passed on to decomposers

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NPA/English language/2002
There was abundance of rainfall last year.
A. Insufficient B. Death C. Shortfall D. Inappropriate
[A] Insufficient

NPA/English language/2002
He has come all the way from Lagos
A. Has he? B. Did he? C. Hasn't he? D. Isn't it
[C] Hasn't he?

The capital of new Zealand is
A. Melbourne B. Miami C. Berlin D. Auckland
[D] Auckland

OPEC successfully hiked the price of oil
A. 1970 and 1973 B. 1973 and 1975 C. 1975 and 1970 D. 1973 and 1979
[B] 1973 and 1975