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Are you a serving corp member in any state,  LGA or community? The NYSC winding-up/passing-out (POP) is a significant and memorable day in your whole service year and life. Even the ghosts that are never seen do POP. Well, after service what next? Check out job and scholarship opportunities and start your new phase of life. There are also opportunities to travel abroad.

This is a time when you express your gratitude for finishing another phase in your academic journey and achieving another milestone. Therefore,  we have drafted this article to guide you on what you must know and do for your POP to be what it should be.

Read this article to the end to find out every detail about the NYSC POP, what it means,  how it works and more. Do not forget to sign up on Passbuttons to get jobs, scholarships, travel abroad updates and lots more.

NYSC Winding-up/Passing-out (POP) Overview

The NYSC winding-up/passing-out (POP) is a time mapped out by the NYSC officials to enable corp members to celebrate their service year and thank their maker for the 1-year journey while reminiscing on the next step to take.

While some people may think this day is just a normal that they have to partake in to fulfil righteousness,  it takes a person with great insight to see how deep it is.

This is a day that most people do not get to see. Therefore,  if you make it to the end of your NYSC year,  you have every reason to celebrate and make merry like when you matriculated and convocated. POP, therefore,  is an abbreviation for Passing-out Parade which is the process described above.

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How the NYSC Winding-up/Passing-out (POP) Works

The NYSC winding-up/passing-out is just like a normal Thanksgiving occasion like the matriculation and convocation but with more touches for highlights.

On this day,  the great officials of the state and federal are usually present to witness it as well as the friends and family of the passing-out corp members.

There is a procedure for the event where the highest official gives a vote of thanks,  the passing-out copy members march in accordingly,  etc.

When the event is done, the passing-out corp members will then receive their gifts and congratulatory messages from those present like their family,  friends and officials.

Consequently, the NYSC members jubilate and make merry to thank God for a successful service year.

Finally,  after the event is done,  the passing-out corp members will receive their certificates which is the major purpose for the parade alongside the celebration.

Requirements to Qualify for the NYSC Winding-up/Passing-out (POP)

You must already know that this occasion in this article is not for prospective corp members as only members who are complete with their service year can go for it.

Therefore,  if you are done with your NYSC service,  you should know what you need to qualify for the NYSC wind-up/passing-out(POP).

So,  below is an outline of the requirements to qualify for the NYSC wind-up/passing-out(POP);

  • Successful completion of the 1 year of NYSC service
  • Clearance letter from your PPA (place of primary assignment) employer to your zonal and local Government inspector
  • NYSC clearance slip and ID card
  • Complete NYSC attire and kit (See Things to Go to NYSC Camp With)

Make sure all this is complete then you can go ahead to prepare for your POP on the scheduled day.

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NYSC Winding-up/Passing-out (POP) Timetable for 2024

If you are among the current serving corp members for 2024 anywhere,  you must be getting ready for your POP as scheduled in the timetable.

Yearly,  the NYSC board releases a timetable to inform the passing-out corp members in time before D-day for their POP to enable them to prepare.

Therefore,  among others, the major means to prepare for your POP is to be familiar with the timetable for the academic session of your finishing service.

That said,  the scheduled date for the passing-out of the 2024 corp members is 19th September and not October as speculated.

However, a few factors may influence the schedule of the POP such as weather conditions and venue alongside others,  therefore,  visit the NYSC dashboard regularly to keep up to date.

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How to Calculate NYSC POP

To calculate the date for your POP,  it is better to always check for NYSC updates as to when it will hold when you are approaching the last month of your service year.

Do not depend on any information you did not hear directly from the NYSC officials to make your decisions,  make sure to get first-hand information.

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How to Prepare for the NYSC Wind-up/Passing-out (POP)

If you are getting ready for your POP or hoping for the day to come and you can not wait for it,  you may need to take some things to heart like the ones below.

This section of the article highlights the important factors to take note of while preparing for your POP as outlined below;

  1. Make sure you already familiarized yourself with the parade marching as no form of mismatch will be tolerated
  2. Get your NYSC kit ready and make sure none is missing
  3. Invite your friends and family to rejoice with you
  4. Make sure you have all the documents and other important things before the said date
  5. Get ready early enough on the day and be at the venue on time
  6. Go along with your writing tools for jotting down points in the field

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The NYSC wind-up/passing-out (POP) talks about the POP timetable for 2024, the requirements as well as the steps to get ready for the day.


What are the documents I need for my POP?

If you are getting ready for your POP make sure you have your clearance letter from your PPA, duly signed by your employer as well as your NYSC ID and others.

 Does NYSC pay double during POP?

No!  Throughout your 1 year of service including the last days and months,  serving colour members will only get their allowance of #33,000 and nothing shall be added to it even during POP.

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