Qatar to Canada Immigration | Easiest Route to Migrate to Canada

Qatar to Canada Immigration

Qatar to Canada Immigration: Discover the easiest and fastest means to immigrate to Canada within the shortest time possible without stress. Canada is one of the world’s most sought-after countries for permanent residence of immigrants. This is due to the highly standardized government system, quality education, quality health of its citizens, general job opportunities, and a conducive environment for immigrants to settle and thrive in both educational and business sectors.

Moreover, thousands of immigrants from different countries enter Canada each year. Their entrance mode is highly dependent on the reason they’re travelling to Canada. The Canadian government has put in place a variety of immigration programs to enable foreigners to migrate to Canada with their motives.  Meanwhile, carefully read through this article to know the type that suits your travel motive.

Over the years, we have helped our members to migrate to Canada without undue stress. This article will discuss in detail the start-up visa programme, Qatar to Canada immigration programme, and every other thing in between. Stay tuned.

How to Immigrate from Qatar to Canada

If you have been seeking the best solutions to immigrating to Canada, then this article is for you. Kindly read till the end for all you need to know about Qatar to Canada immigration.

Interestingly, the government of Canada have made available various immigration programmes for residents of Qatar to leverage. These programmes include:

Citizens of Qatar can leverage any of the above-listed pathways to immigrate to Canada. Meanwhile, the pathway you apply for is highly dependent on the motive for entering Canada. However, this article is designed to discuss in detail, the Canada start-up visa immigration programme. Let’s get right in.

Canadian Start-up Visa Programme

This is one of the faster and easiest means by which immigrants enter Canada without long processing time and undue stress. The start-up visa programme is specifically for entrepreneurs ready to invest in new businesses capable of stimulating the economy of Canada while providing employment opportunities for its residents.

Moreover, the Canadian government seeks goal-driven entrepreneurs to immigrate to Canada to establish businesses capable of competing global scale. Now, let’s discuss the requirements for the start-up visa programme.

Requirements for Canadian Start-up Visa

Foreigners immigration from Qatar to Canada should have a minimum of the following requirements:

1. Applicants must have a qualified business: In this regard, you are to hold at least 50% of the voting rights attached to the company together with the designated organization. Also, you are to hold at least 10% of the voting rights attached to all company shares.

2. Proof of fund: To qualify for the Qatar to Canada start-up visa programme, you must present proof of fund stating your ability to source fund enough to start the business as well as cater to the dependent family. It is pertinent to note that, your family size depends on the amount you will need.

3. A letter of support from a designated organization: This is a major document that qualifies you for the start-up visa programme. To do this, you will have to carefully identify and pitch your business idea. Secondly, locate and convince an organization to gain their support and invest or support the idea. After careful consideration,  which may differ among different organizations, you will receive a letter of support from the organization if successful. Meanwhile, you must include this letter of support in your start-up visa.

4. Meet the language requirements: It is required that you carry out a language test from a legitimate agency to meet the minimum language  Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 requirements. Applicants must meet either English or French language speaking, writing, and reading, requirements.

Designated Organizations for Canadian Start-up Visa

These are establishments or organizations that issue proof of support or a certificate of commitment to an entrepreneur as one of the eligibility requirements for a Canadian start-up visa. Some of them include:

  1. Angel investor groups
  2. Venture capital funds
  3. Business incubators


  1. For Angel investors: the applicant must secure at least $75,000 to meet the eligibility requirements
  2. The business incubator requires no investment capital if the organization accepts the applicant.
  3. The Canadian government requires a minimum of $200,000 from a venture capital fund to be eligible for a start-up visa.

Others are currently reading;

How to Apply for a Canadian Start-up Visa an Online

Simple and easy steps to completing your Canadian start-up visa application online is as follows:

  1. Step 1: Kindly launch your favourite browser on your device
  2. Step 2: On the IRCC portal, kindly Fill out the Generic Application form for Canada.
  3. Step 3: After carefully completing the form, click on the “Validate” button on the form
  4. Step 4: Go ahead and print the validated application form. Most importantly, ensure to include the barcode page
  5. Step 5: Kindly sign and date the form
  6. Step 6: Provide all the necessary documents on the checklist
  7. Step 7: Proceed to pay the application fees
  8. Step 8: After the payment, kindly submit your application.

Before submitting your application:

  • Ensure the documents are complete
  • Carefully sign the document (form) where necessary
  • Kindly make your processing fee payments and attach your receipts to your application.
  • Do not forget to include all supporting documents where necessary.

Cost of Canadian Start-up Visa

Here is a breakdown of the cost of immigrating to Canada from Qatar through the start-up visa route:

  • Individual applicants: The processing fee for this category is $85 CAD
  • Families applying together: This category processing fee is $170 CAD maximum
  • Groups of 3 or more performing artists and their staff: Maximum processing fee of $255 CAD.

Canadian Start-up Visa Processing Time

The processing time for the Canadian start-up visa is around 31 months. However, this processing time is highly dependent on the workload or situation of things at the IRCC. Meanwhile, it would help if you endeavoured to give your biometrics while submitting your application.

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Qatar to Canada Work Visa

A Canada work visa is a legal document that authorizes a citizen of Qatar to live and work in Canada. It is a temporary visa which is eligible for use within a stipulated period. Applicants for Canada work permits are to make available some specific requirements to be able to obtain a Canadian work visa. let’s discuss it in detail.

Requirements for Qatar to Canada Work Visa

Residents of Qatar who want to obtain a Canadian work permit must provide the following documents:

  • A Confirmation of Employment (CoE)
  • language test results
  • Valid travel passport or document
  • Medical exam result
  • A financial statement (such as pay slips, investment proofs, or bank statements of three months minimum)
  • police certificate
  • Educational Credential Assessment report
  • Marriage certificates (for married couples)

Cost of Canada Work Visa

Here is the cost of a Canada work visa:

  • Work permit (plus extensions) for individuals is $155.00
  • Work permit (plus extensions) for a group of 3 or more performing artists is $465.00
  • For an Open work permit, the cost is $100.00
  • For the international experience class, the cost is $161.00
  • To restore your status ($200) and get a new work permit ($155), which sums up to $355.00

Canadian Work Visa Processing Time

The processing of a Canadian work visa could take up to 4 to 6 weeks to be completed successfully. Meanwhile, it all depends on the situation or workload at the embassy.

How to Apply for a Canada Work Visa from Qatar

Carefully follow these simple steps to apply for your work visa:

  1. Firstly, get a job in Canada. This is the major eligibility for the visa
  2. Secondly, kindly head to the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) office to get your Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
  3. Apply for a work permit. Prepare all the required documents and fill out the application form appropriately.
  4. Proceed to pay your application fees
  5. Submit your application and attend the interview as slated by the embassy
  6. Good luck!


This article has carefully discussed Qatar to Canada immigration, the Canadian start-up visa programme, and every other thing in between. Moreover, if you enjoyed reading this article, kindly drop your comments in the comment section below. Meanwhile, you can join us on all social media platforms for more updates using the links below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Qatar have a Canadian embassy?

Yes! The embassy is located at Tornado Tower, 30th Floor, Corner of Majlis Al Taawon Street and Al Funduq Steet, Doha, Qatar

What documents do I need for a Canada visa?

You will provide the following documents to be eligible for a Canadian visa:

  • A Confirmation of Employment (CoE)
  • language test results
  • Valid travel passport or document
  • Medical exam result
  • Kindly refer to this article for the full list

Can I apply for a Canada Visa online?

Yes, you can create an online profile at the IRCC official website, while you may need to complete other processes at the embassy.

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