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Home Lesson Tutors in Port-Harcourt: These days, paying an extra fee for your child’s school in the name of extra-mural class turns out to be a waste of time and money as your child may not learn much but end up playing with their friends at school. It was back in the days when extra lessons worked for children but now the possibility of your child learning from their school’s extra lessons is much down. That’s why you need to go the extra mile in hiring home lesson tutors so your children will have the best learning experience.

Among other factors to consider when hiring home tutors in Port-Harcourt are their teaching abilities and ability to pay attention to the child. It is not always about cheap or expensive tutors. With a competent home tutor, your child will have a unique learning experience and stand out in their school and academic journey.

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However, many parents who have hired home tutors for their children through Passbuttons are happy with the performance of their children today. 80% of children who undergo extra lessons with the aid of home tutors do well in their studies.

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Best Home Lesson Tutors in Port-Harcourt

When hiring a home tutor in Port Harcourt, not only do you have to check their teaching qualities but also look out for the ones closest to you for easy access. This article will show you how to get the nearest competent tutor in Port-Harcourt to you no matter the part of the state you are in.

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How to Hire a Home Lesson Tutors in Port-Harcourt Online for Free

Why pass through the stress of going out to look for a home tutor in Port-Harcourt on your own when you can hire one of the best home tutors online via Passbuttons? I’ll be showing you how you can hire a competent home tutor in Port-Harcourt online with these easy steps;

  1. On your device, visit passbuttons.com
  2.   Click on sign up to create an account if you still need to register.
  3.   Click on tutors to view teachers of your choice
  4.   Once you see any teacher that suits your taste, click on book now to start a discussion with the teacher.

Note: We do not charge you for anything, nor should you pay a teacher without seeing him or her. We encourage 1 free lesson to solidify your findings before concluding a discussion with anyone. 

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How to Become a Home Lesson Tutor in Port-Harcourt

Becoming a top verified home lesson tutor in Port-Harcourt online is not hard if you are very good at what you teach. Passbuttons sees over 112K monthly visitors and most of them are looking for the best home tutors and schools for their children. You will be hired if you have good records and profiles. See how to become a home lesson tutor with Passbuttons.

  1. Click now on passbuttons.com
  2. Once the page loads, click on sign up to register if you are yet to create an account.
  3. Click on “Become a Tutor”. Note: You must register as a tutor during the first registration process.
  4. Add your accurate details including your qualifications and achievements
  5. Click submit and wait for approval.

Note: You can set your price, and choose your preferred location and time. Passbuttons does not charge teachers any commission.

 Why you Need to Hire a Home Lesson Tutors in Port-Harcourt

When you find out your child isn’t performing well in school, the best thing you need to do is hire a home tutor for the child. People often ask why they need a home tutor for their children when they can learn by themselves at home. Well, if that’s the case most of those children tend to perform poorly in their school. After all, they are lagging in some subjects because they don’t seem to understand the subject or topic, with a home tutor who is more skilled they learn and understand the subject of interest in a quiet area free from distractions.

Skills to Look out for when Hiring a Home Tutor

Here, we will outline the top skills to look out for when hiring a home tutor, they are;

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Adaptability
  • Empathy and patience
  • Effective communication skills
  • Expertise in the subject matter
  • Creativity and resourcefulness
  • Interpersonal skills: The act of paying attention, motivating, and building leadership.


 In all that we have said in this article, the best thing to do for your child is to hire a home tutor because you don’t know what they are facing in school.

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How much do most tutors charge?

N3000-N35000 depending on the kind of tutor you find.

Are private tutors worth it?

Yes! Considering their best teaching skills to give your child a unique learning. Private tutors are the best.

What is the best rate for tutors?

Ranging from N1000-N50000, The best rate for tutors depends on how long they teach your child, it could be monthly, hourly, or yearly. 

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