NYSC Advises Prospective Corps Members

NYSC advises prospective corps members:  If you are one of the PCMs, this article is for you. Ensure to read to the end as it bears every information regarding what the NYSC officials have to say to every prospective corps member regarding their service.

Although the NYSC year may appear like every other year in the life of a student especially the first year and final year,  it comes with its pros & cons and requires new thinking.

Therefore, to make sure that every member gets it right,  the officials of the NYSC offer this orientation to every prospective member regarding their service year.

We previously wrote articles on NYSC Registration Procedures and Camp Requirements where we explained each topic in clear terms for you to understand and get it right. We also covered NYSC redeployment procedures that work, NYSC dashboard login, things to go to NYSC camp with to avoid being sent back home and lots more.

What is PCM in NYSC?

PCM is an abbreviation for prospective corps members. These are the individuals who just freshly graduated from the university and still planning their service whether they just registered or still planning to.

Just like the fresher in the university,  this set of individuals needs every guidance they can get to get it right with their service to their country.

More so, while you are yet a prospective corps member,  you are bound to spend a lot of money for your school final year clearance and NYSC entrance and registration clearance.

Additionally, while you are still a prospective member,  bear in mind that you must make the most out of your service year for good.

Also,  if you are a fresh university graduate,  you must note that NYSC is not mandatory but important as you need the certificate to attain certain heights in the real world.

Therefore,  I will further outline the importance of NYSC in the next section of this article.

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Importance of NYSC Certificate

If you are a person in Nigeria who wishes to get reasonable jobs and go to places that matter,  you must have the following certificates ;

  1. O’level certificate (WAEC, NECO, GCE, etc)
  2. Common entrance result
  3. First school leaving certificate
  4. University certificate (HND, OND, B.sc,  etc)
  5. NYSC certificate

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The five certificates above are the majors. More especially,  the first school leaving, have the lowest certificate but it is with it that you can able to get text and the rest.

However,  unlike the first four certificates above,  the NYSC certificate is compulsory but not mandatory. This is in the sense that you need it to get federal jobs,  you need the NYSC certificate for certain positions in the Government and your job specifications.

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You also need the NYSC certificate while preparing to travel abroad for scholarships in higher positions than the former.

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That said,  you can read our previous article on How to Verify the WAEC Certificate for WES which is what enables you to travel outside the country for studies.  It is a must-do for everyone with such a dream so you have to know how.

NYSC General Update 2024

The National Youth Service Corps commonly known as NYSC,  conducts its mobilization of qualified graduates for their service to their country.

This body annually opens the NYSC portal, allowing individuals with what it takes to register.

Before you register for NYSC,  make sure to check the list of NYSC-accredited registration centres to make sure it is successful.

This is important because while some cyber cafes may claim to be doing it,  some of them know how to but the system does not recognize them and therefore,  if you involve yourself with such centers,  you may end up referring and your effort may be wasted.

Consequently, you need to know that the 2024 NYSC registration commencement date has been announced as well also the deadline for registration,  you can check the update here.

NYSC Advises Prospective Corps Members

The main aim of this article is to let you know the details of the NYSC advice to prospective corps members to know what to do to get it right.

NYSC advises prospective corps members may not be just for the PCMs but for everyone involved in the system.

On that note,  first on the list for NYSC advice to prospective corps members is the need for early transportation. In the speech by one of the NYSC officials,  it was noted that prospective corps members, as well as their families and guardians, must understand the need for early transportation.

This is important to avoid any unfortunate incidents on the road while they are on night travels. The official went ahead to note that any NYSC member whether prospective or already serving,  who is on the road in a place hour,  must approach the nearest military station to sleep till the next day.

You must avoid and protect yourself from any ugly situation at all costs.

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NYSC Kit:  NYSC Advises Prospective Corps Members

Another on the list of the things NYSC advises prospective corps members is the need for carefulness while purchasing the NYSC kit.

In our article on the list of things to go to the NYSC camp with,  you will understand that the NYSC kit is the most important after your documents.

The NYSC kit contains the uniform and shoes. The NYSC officials want the general public and the prospective corps members to understand that there are so many fakes out there.

Many people have created fraudulent sites where they dupe naive members who are mostly prospective members.

In the country,  NYDC members are commonly called ‘Koppas’ or ‘Otondos’ alongside some other names like ‘Federal pikin’. You must understand that they are highly respected in the country and treated with high regard just like military men.

Citizens of the country pamper corps members a lot so you are very lucky to become one of them.

Therefore,  you must take everything listed in this NYSC advice to prospective members for your service to go as smoothly as possible.

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In the article, NYSC advises prospective corps members,  you can note some points that the board of officials of NYSC wishes for every intending member to have in mind.

Explaining why they are all important points.


How can I check my NYSC mobilization status?

To check your civilization status,  open the NYSC Portal Dashboard or view the senate list to see.  If you did not see your name in the first batch,  you can wait for the next.

Can 32-year-olds go for service?

The least age to go for NYSC service is 33 years old so a 32 years old stands a chance.

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