Alas, one Christmas period, a man named Saul from Ahankwo came to seek Amaka's hand in marriage. To everyone's surprise, the Queen of good looks accepted to get married at last. It rained on the day of the traditional marriage which was a telltale or bad omen but Amaka would not be deterred. She felt she had met a perfect match but she soon knew better although when it was too late.

On their way to her new home in Ahankwo village, the true reality played out. His six 'so- called' kinsmen turned out to be paid actors. They each collected the accessories they had given Saul to prank the gold- digging damsel who rejected responsible men for a possessed wretch. No one saw through his foul moves. That was not all, there was more coming.

Saul was now looking like the wretch he really was after the flashy car, wig, golden wristwatch and even false legs/mask he came to impress Amaka were gone.
Unfortunately, the poor victim didn't survived the trauma that befell her. She fainted and went into a coma that claimed her life after all. The lesson from this sad experience however taught everyone, ladies and gents the timely lesson to be humble and contented with whatever God gave them- Not all that glitters is gold!" /> Not all that glitters is gold...

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