NYSC Salary Increment for Corps Members | Latest Updates

NYSC salary increment for corps members is the latest thing on the minds of graduates in service. If you are a prospective corps member or already serving,  you need to read this article to find out what the NYSC officials are saying concerning the increment of the allowed.

The current salary of NYSC corps members is N33,000 and due to the economy and how much corps members have had to struggle with such an amount,  they want to know the situation surrounding their salary increment.

Therefore,  some of the NYSC officials have come out to make some announcements concerning the issue and assured the members of some adjustments.

So,  this article bears the announcement details what the situation is with the increment of allowed to the end to grasp every information.

However,  you can start by reading our previous article on the NYSC Registration Procedure and NYSC Accredited Registration Centers. In the articles,  we outlined some important factors to note while registering for NYSC as well as the centers you can find nearby to ensure that your registration was successful.

How Much is NYSC Salary Per Month?

The National Youth Service Corps,  commonly known as NYSC is a body responsible for the training of graduates from different higher institutions.

This body mobilizes eligible graduates,  trains them, and sends them forth into different states and communities in the country to serve the land while paying them an agreed amount.

Before now,  the board was paying its members an amount of N19,000 until it increased to the recent amount of N33,000.

However,  at the initial time of the increment,  the members were happy because it was a huge sum to them. Nevertheless,  due to the economy, the NYSC members have made their request that the federal government increase their salaries as most of them find it difficult to cope.

Before we go into the full details,  the current NYSC salary per month as of this publication is N33,000.

However,  you may not know if there is an increment in this amount if you don’t read this article to the end to find out.

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NYSC Latest News Updates Today

The NYSC salary increment for corps members has been the current headline of the board.

However,  this is the first of this article. The members of the NYSC board have made announcements in recent times concerning serving members and their services to the country.

On that note,  you can check out what the NYSC officials said recently concerning prospective corps members and their advice to them. This is a must-read reading about whwhawhatinvolved in the NYSC year and how to not fall into trouble.  However,  the article is not only important to prospective members but already serving members can also read it to ensure they have been doing the right thing from the start.

Additionally,  the NYSC body is working so hard to make the system more accommodating and enjoyable for the members.  Therefore,  you can see any update about the service on the NYSC Login Dashboard where you can also access your service status and know when to prepare for your Winding-up/Passing-out Parade (POP).

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NYSC Salary Update:  NYSC Salary Increment for Corps Members

NYSC as a body is coordinated and run by the federal government to support the graduates of the different universities and polytechnics in the country. Therefore,  they ensure to disbursement of what is rightful to the members at any given time.

On that ground,  the NYSC salary does not waste time before it gets to the serving corps members at the end of every month.

However,  for any reason,  if the NYSC salary is delayed,  it is not always because the board lacks it to pay,  it is either the fault of the government particularly of the complaining members.

Subsequently,  some corp members in other states may get their salary before their friends in the others,  this happens depending on how efficient the state government is with disbursing the members’ salaries to them.

Therefore,  if for any reason your salary as a serving corp member did not get to you at the right time,  either report to your employer or the LGA or if possible,  report to the state government.

So,  on the NYSC salary update,  members of the National Youth Service Corps have been requesting an increment in their salary. Read further through this article to find out what the officials say concerning that request.

NYSC Salary Increment for Corps Members

The NYSC board in a recent update,  told the members who have been requesting and hoping for an NYSC salary increment for corps members to not give in to that though.

At the time of this publication,  the board made it clear that they are not planning to increase the salary of more members therefore,  every serving NYSC member must devise a means of managing their current allowance.

The NYSC allowance 2024 is N33,000 and the members have to accept and deal with it. However,  if you are looking for extra means to make money from NYSC,  click here to see the NYSC Online services for corps members that will give you money later.

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NYSC salary increment for corps members in this article gives you insight into the recent update about the salary status of serving corps members. The board wants members to understand that the rumour about an increment in their allowance is not true and they must not listen to it or even pay attention.


Which state is paying the highest allowance to corners?

The speculating news says that the governor of Kogi state promised to increase the allowance of serving corps members by 100% but no investigations have been made to make sure that is true and in existence.

How much is NYSC paying corps members?

NYSC is currently paying her members #33,000. This is the current NYSC allowance for 2024.

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