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Release of the 2024/2025 WAEC result has been announced and candidates who sat for the examination in the mentioned year can now see the WAEC result checker 2024 in this article. Did you sit for the 2024 WAEC examination? You can now check your result without a scratch card or E-pin.

This article contains guidelines on how you can easily check your WAEC result without hassle in 2024. It outlines the various ways candidates can check their results as well as other important information about the WAEC results in 2024.

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WAEC Result 2024 Release

The WAEC examination for the 2024/2025 academic session will take place like the other WAEC examinations for the previous years. However, the board has improved in its speed for the compilation of results and release.

This is to say that, unlike the previous years when students/candidates had to wait for a whole 4 to 5 months before their results were released to them, you can now access your results in a matter of weeks.

Previously, we wrote articles on the release of the 2024 WAEC result, outlining the date for the release and other information. We also wrote on the WAEC examination registration for 2024 and JAMB registration guidelines.

That said, the WAEC result for every candidate of the 2024/2025 session will not waste time to be released to them. Another interesting thing about the WAEC examination and its service improvement is the accommodation of past students in the hall.

That must be a bit confusing now let me break it down;

For a while now the West African Examination Board (WAEC) has made its system very accommodating so that students who did not have the chance to sit for the examination when it was their time, or even those who have written once but failed, can write the examination. Here is the list of universities accepting low JAMB scores for admission.

This is known as the WAEC GCE;

WAEC GCE 2024/2025

We have written different articles on the WAEC GCE as in the list below;

  1. WAEC GCE second series Registration Closing Date 2024/2025
  2. WAEC GCE First Series registration 2024/2025 timetable PDF Download

This GCE is an acronym for the General Certificate Examination. It is under the conduct of the WAEC officials and for those who are somewhat unlucky with time.

So, if you have written WAEC before and failed (it does not matter the amount of times), you can still write it. Also, if you did not write when your mates were writing, you can still register for the exam.

It might interest you to know that your sitting for this examination will give you the same certificate as a normal SS3 candidate. Also, you have the opportunity to register for the exam at your convenience.

This is so because the board schedules the examination in series (first and second), so if you did not meet up for the first series WAEC GCE examination, you can go for the second series.

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Check my Results Online

The West African Examination Board in its bid to make the system very easy and accessible to candidates, developed an online portal for students to check their results and do other things. Find schools to enrol in now.

This online website for students to log in to any time and access their data is known as the WAEC result checker. This is where you can log in to print your original WAEC certificate among other things.

WAEC Result Checker 2024 has a friendly user interface that makes it easy for candidates to navigate through even if they do not get any guidance.

However, to make your use of this website worthwhile, you should get every help you need.

Most students who base on this confession that the website is easy to navigate and go ahead to do everything on their own, end up missing out.

On that note, you can get every educational help you need on pass buttons. You can find the best secondary and university school for you, don’t make the wrong choice. You can also see available scholarships at home and abroad.

So, you can check your WAEC result online without hassle as you read further to find out how.

WAEC Result Checker 2024 Online

The online result checker tends to be the most recognized means of checking your results both in 2024 and beyond.

To check your WAEC result online, follow the steps outlined below;

  1. Open the WAEC result checker 2024 portal
  2. In the available spaces, provide your examination details (your exam number, e-pin, year, serial number, etc)
  3. Make sure your data is correct then click on the ‘submit’ button to send your request
  4. Wait for a short time while your request loads and after it is successful, you will see your result on your screen

NOTE: you can access the WAEC result checker 2024 portal through your phone or laptop all you need to make sure is that your device has a stable internet connection, and then you are good to go.

Examination Number:

This is the number that every candidate who sat for the examination got at the time of their registration. Most candidates write these numbers on their seats during every examination until the end. Provide this data in the necessary space and make sure it is correct.

WAEC Result Checker ePin:

You can find this pin at the back of your scratch card. You will see the covered part of your card (at the bottom centre). Be careful and scratch this part easily to not clean the important pin. Input the pin you see there in the right space for the pin. Make sure it is correct.

Examination Type

This space is direct after the examination number as Examination. This is where you specify the type of WAEC you sat for. If you wrote WAEC GCE (explanation above) then specify by choosing “Private candidate results”.

then if you sit for the normal WAEC examination under a secondary school choose the “school candidate results”.

Examination year

In this space, you will specify the year you sat for the examination and not the year you are checking your result (for those who may be checking their result not for the first time after their exam).

So, if you say for your exam in 2024,  choose 2024 from the list of years that will show up when you click on the space.

WAEC Serial Number

This number is not very difficult to locate. You can find your WAEC serial number on the front of your scratch card, it usually contains numbers and the alphabet. Find it on your card and add it correctly.

Other Ways of Checking Your WAEC Result

If you do not want to follow the online method of checking your WAEC result, you can follow any of the steps below;

  1. Through SMS using your phone.
  2. Your school

To check your WAEC result through SMS, simply text WAEC*ExamNo*PIN*ExamYear to 32327 SMS. You can send this through any network whether MTN or the others.

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The WAEC result checker 2024 is the same portal for checking your results as well as printing them any time you want. You can access this website through the link.

Keep in mind, however, that the portal is always open even after the year you wrote your exam.


Is WAEC result 2024 out?

No! The WAEC examination for 2024 has not even commenced nor has the result been released. You can see the WAEC registration form and commencement date.

Can I check my WAEC results online?

Yes! The portal for checking your WEC result is always open and you can check your result anytime you want.

How can I get my WAEC scratch card?

The WAEC scratch card is usually given to candidates by their school or the centre (for private candidates). You must guard the card carefully to avoid misplacement as purchasing another one may cost you a lot of money.

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