Beware of Fake NYSC Advertisements

The NYSC officials have advised both prospective and serving corps members to beware of fake NYSC advertisements and this article will highlight different points related to this,  from how to identify those fake ads to what to do and what differentiates the fake from the real.

There are as many fake ads out there as much and even less than there are real ones,  so it is only right you pay attention to every detail in this comprehensive guide to know the ways to identify fake NYSC ads from the real ones.

Previously,  we wrote an article on NYSC Camp registration requirements where we outlined the list of things you must provide at the NYSC camp gate before you proceed to even write down your name. We also highlighted the type of documents corps members must have to pass the registration process at the NYSC camp.

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NYSC News Update Today for Members

Every member of the National Youth Service Corps must have in mind that the registration of mobilized graduates for service must commence as soon as the board wants them to.

Also,  all registrations for NYSC whether in camp or before mobilization,  must end at the time the board says it would.

Therefore,  the members must know that any registration later than the scheduled date for close,  may not necessarily incur extra money but members may not be able to go for service,  complete their service, or even do any other thing they should do as soon as the deadline arrives.

The above points are very important and every member of the NYSC must note it.

However,  before now,  the NYSC officials advised prospective corps members on the important points concerning their service year that they should note. This advice ranges from the activities they should expect as well as how they can prepare themselves for their service.

Before that,  we also wrote a comprehensive guide on the kind of stuff to go to the NYSC Camp With to Avoid Coming Back Home as soon as you get there.

Emphatically, you must have to read the above-highlighted articles to get things right with your service to avoid any issues that may either cost you money or terminate your service.

Additionally,  candidates must take note of how strict the standards and rules of the NYSC are to keep to them about failing and causing issues for themselves during the service year.

Scam Alert:  Beware of Fake NYSC Advertisement

NYSC works very hard in a bid to improve the system and make it more accessible to the young graduates who are serving their country.

Therefore,  the officials are very keen to identify any form of fraudulent activity that may be ongoing in the name of the board.

This is the main reason the board officials do not allow anyone who does not go through every necessary approach to register for their service to come in. Also,  anyone who finds themselves doing anything of that sort must be ready to face the full wrath of the law.

On the other also,  the body is working so hard to fight against scammers who come in the name of NYSC to scam members of their money.

Furthermore,  for members,  candidates,  parents,  guardians, and any member of the general public who may be wondering if there are such people as those who come in the name of NYSC to scam members,  you must be careful as there are so many of them out there on the street.

How to Identify Fake NYSC Advertisements

If you are preparing for your service,  already on it or you are an undergraduate who will one day pursue this milestone,  read every sentence of this section of the article very carefully to be able to identify fake NYSC ads.

Before we continue,  I cannot emphasize enough,  the need to beware of fake NYSC advertisements that may leave you heartbroken later on.

NYSC fake ads can come in different formats;

  1. Printing of NYSC call-up letter
  2. Fake redeployment and relocation
  3. NYSC certificate

The general public has been sternly warned by the NYSC officials to steer clear from individuals,  sites, or centres posing to be offering any of the services above and even more others as most of them are fake.

Printing of NYSC Call-up Letter:  Beware of Fake NYSC Advertisement

The NYSC call-up letter is a must-have for every prospective corp member who is going to camp.

This is important for your registration at the NYSC camp as well as your PPA.

Therefore,  in order not to fall victim to scams in this area,  you can read How to Get Your Call-up Letter the right way.

NYSC Redeployment and Relocation:  Beware of Fake NYSC Advertisement

For those who may need the redeployment or relocation option of NYSC,  you must understand that there are qualifying criteria for everyone who wants to go through it.

Therefore,  you can read the full guidelines on NYSC Redeployment outlining the right steps to follow as well as the eligibility requirements, and more.

Also,  you can read about the NYSC Relocation,  what it means,  how to go about it, and the requirements as well as other points. Make sure to do it right away as you will see in the tagged post to avoid scammers who will put up fake ads on that.

NYSC Certificate:  Beware of Fake NYSC Advertisements

The NYSC certificate is issued to members who completely serve their tenth year without any issues.

You cannot get this certificate from anyone and anywhere outside except from the NYSC officials on the Winding-up/Passing-out(POP).

Therefore,  anyone offering you an NYSC certificate outside the POP ground is a scam and both of you may face the wrath of the law.

How to Avoid Fake NYSC Advertisements

If you are going for service,  you must be familiar with the NYSC portal,  this is where every activity concerning NYSC is done.

From your registration to your passing out,  you can always access your Dashboard to view your status and follow up duly.

Also,  to further help you get it right,  you can find any of the Approved NYSC Centers around you for any of your NYSC needs. Any centre that NYSC does not approve of may be labelled as a scam also so be very careful not to get yourself into trouble.

Furthermore,  you can easily identify fake NYSC ads by their charges,  most NYSC activities are free to the members meanwhile,  the scammers request money from members offering them the same things.

When you encounter such scenarios,  just know it is fake.

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Beware of fake NYSC advertisements is a stern warning from the NYSC board officials to its members calling their attention to the fraudulent activities going on in the name and logo of NYSC.


How can I check if I can register for NYSC?

Open the portal @ provide your details as required then click on search to see your mobilization status.

Does NYSC ask for money?

Most NYSC activities are free to access therefore,  anyone asking you for money may be planning to scam you,  don’t give in to them.

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